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Rabu, November 14, 2007

CARDI Vacanciesto be based in Sarmi Town, Sarmi District, Papua (GIS

CARDI, an international NGO consortium providing support to persons affected by conflict and natural disaster is looking for qualified national candidates to fill in position to be based in Sarmi Town, Sarmi District, Papua :

GIS/Cartography Officer (Code : GCO - PUA)

Scope of Work:
The GIS/Cartography Officer (GCO) is responsible for designing a training program/-workshop for introduction to participatory sketch mapping. (S)he also plays an important role following the workshops to assist the community to record/plot important landmarks and sites of cultural/historical value land-use as well as proposed boundaries of the area claimed by the community on their sketch maps and transfers these onto existing digital maps. These digital maps should then be compared with each other and with existing land-use maps at, for example, the Provincial and Regency Forestry Offices, to provide feedback to the Community Mobilization Officers to assist with negotiations between stakeholders. (S)he seeks the involvement of and collaborates with government cartographers.

* Serve as the project's primary designer of community mapping workshops.
* Assist the project to procure appropriate base maps and a GIS program, as well as materials for community map-making kits.
* Assist the Community Mobilizing Officers (CMO) with disseminating the activities that are part of the mapping workshops at village level.
* Assist the CMO to help communities in producing sketch maps of the areas around their villages indicating boundaries, land use as well as important landmarks and man-made sites of cultural/historical value.
* Ensure that by using GPS readings, boundaries, landmarks etc can be transferred to existing digital maps.
* Design a database that contains all important mapping details and coordinates using consistent terminology throughout the project.
* Design a geographic information system that can contain the data collected by the project, allow for analysis of the data and presenting these in a visual and/or geographically referenced way.
* Design and arrange for printing of working maps throughout the project, as well as final map printing.
* Liaise with the Regency and Provincial Forestry and BAPPEDA Offices for mapping and land use data.

Job Requirements/

Experience Required:
* University degree in a related field (e.g. forestry, geography) and 2 years of directly related work experience.
* Minimum 2 years experience in mapping land-use or forest cover, developing GIS for land use or forest cover data.
* Experience with producing hand-drawing sketch maps and digitizing maps.
* Experience with participatory mapping methodology in Indonesia and community development.
* Experience organizing and facilitating workshops and community-based activities.
* Knowledge of issues related to land and resource rights and legal frameworks, natural resource management, poverty and development, and indigenous communities preferred.
* Strong cross-cultural/cultural competence skills necessary, including strong communication skills.
* Documentation and report writing skills.
* Work experience with indigenous communities, familiarity with the project area (Sarmi) and/or knowledge of the local language spoken in the project area would be an additional advantage
* Willingness to live and work in a remote location and spend significant time, including overnight visits, in the field.
* Ability to work independently for periods of time, as well as collaboratively with a team.

Application should include a detailed CV and cover letter to be submitted by e-mail to at the latest Monday, 19 November 2007.
Please put the code of position applied in the subject of your e-mail. No phone calls contact. Only short-listed candidates will be notifie

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