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Selasa, Maret 25, 2008


Vacancy at PALYJA
PDCA & BP Staff
Task & Responsibilities :
- Support in developing, deploying, monitoring, and socializing company's plan & target activities
- Proactively support & communicate the design & development of documentation system of PALYJA Quality Management System activities (including: business process, quality manual, quality procedures, work instructions, forms and other documents needed in PALYJA QMS) with other section in Defined area or scope
- Maintain & controlling documentation System of PALYJA Quality Management System in Defined area or scope
- Maintain the implementation of PALYJA´s Quality Management System within the Defined area or scope
- Support internal audit and management review activities
- Support corrective and preventive action activities
- Support proactively all activities in ISO secretariat
- Support the development of report periodically on the implementation of PALYJA´S Quality Management System
- Communicate Quality Management System implementation to all related unit especially under the Defined area or scope and for all company if needed.
- As a motivator & organizer for promotion of awareness of PALYJA´S QMS throughout the Defined area or scope
- To carry out specific task as instructed by the PDCA & BP PDCA & BP Dept. Manager
- To ensure safe, clean and healthy working environment and to implement Work place Management, especially for PDCA & BP Dept documentation & records
- To wear company's uniform and safety gears at all designated areas
- To safeguard the company´s property
- Team player and trustworthy
- Inform proactively and to support organizing with related function if any non-conformities appears as a result of QMS Implementation
Qualification :
- Minimum educational background : Graduate Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering.
- Minimum 1 year experience in related position
- Fluent in English (Written & Oral).
- Very good MS Office Application (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point & MS Visio.
- Had Participate in ISO 9001:2000 Series, any management system Training's
- Very good analytical skills, Presentation skills and Inter Personal Skills.
If you are interested to fill this challenging position, please send
immediately CV (contains personal data, education background, past experience & achievement) to not later than April 04th 2008

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