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Sabtu, November 10, 2007

Urgently needed, PT JAC Indonesia

PT JAC Indonesia, an international recruitment consultant is looking for
professionals to fill the manager positions

A. Telecommunication Vendor
1. Project Director (A1)
2. General Manager (A2)
3. Project Manager (A3)
4. CME Manager (A4)
5. SITAC Manager (A5)

6. Quality Control Manager (A6)

7. Survey & Design Manager (A7)
B. Real Estate Developer
1. General Manager (B1)
2. Project Manager (B2)

3. Project Development Manager (B3)
4. Sales & Marketing Manager (B4)
C. Interior Design Consulting & Construction
1. Project Manager (C1)
2. Interior Designer (C2)
3. Sales Project Manager (C3)
4. Interior Advisor (C4)
1. Holders of Bachelor Degree (S1) or Master Degree (S2)
2. Has an experience in similar position and field
3. Communicative in English both speaking & writing
Resume Send:
Please send your detail Resume (CV) to: or

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