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Selasa, Februari 12, 2008

APRIL Graduate Trainee (Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Instrument


APRIL (Asia Pacific Resources International Holding Company) is one
of leading players in the global fiber, pulp and paper industry.
Headquartered in Singapore, APRIL has principal fiber plantations and
manufacturing operations in Indonesia.

APRIL develops over 50,000 ha of sustainable acacia fiber plantations
per year integrating environmental conservation and social
responsibility with economic objectives under a mosaic plantations
landscape concept. It owns and operates one of the world's largest
pulp and paper mill complexes. The industrial site in Pangkalan
Kerinci in Riau, Sumatera includes modern pulp and paper mills, an
integrated chemical plant, and a power plant that generates all the
energy for the complex and nearby town.

The pulp mill, with one of the biggest single production lines in the
world, has a design capacity of more than 2 million tonnes per year.
The paper mill has one of the world's fastest fine paper machine,
running maximum speeds of over 1,500 meters per minute. The capacity
of paper mill is more than 350,000 tonnes per year. PaperOneTM is
APRIL's flagship brand and available in 56 countries. It is made of
ECF pulp produced from 100% acacia plantation fiber.

For further information on APRIL, please refer to:

1. S1 Fresh graduate ,minimum GPA 3.00 (scale of 4.0) from major in
Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
and Physics Instrumentation.
2. Single, maximum age 25 years old.
3. Able to operate Computer (at least MS Office programs).
4. Effective written and verbal communication skill in English.

Please send your Application Letter and CV not later than 26 February
2008 to:

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