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Jumat, Februari 01, 2008

Immediately Required Special Projects Supervisor (National Position)

Immediately Required!

"Special Projects Supervisor (National Position)"

Responsible for the initial set-up and logistics to new service contracts.
Acting on the Best interest of Company in negotiations related to contracting and deployment of equipment and personnel.
1st line supervision as directed to effectively trouble shoot, service and complete new and existing service contracts.

Position Description:
1. Pursue and collate daily sub contractor operational progress reports.
2. Monitor costs and expenditures to follow budget objectives and ensure contracts are completed as agreed.
3. Provide 1st line supervision to sub contract and project staff as required.
4. Initiate and attend daily progress sub contractor meetings, offer solutions as required to rectify problem
5. Ensure proper documentation is maintained, signed and approved.
6. Review contract conditions, requirements and throroughly check equipment specifications.
7. Initiate-present MR's project purchasing to field superintendent for apporval process.
8. Review contractor staffing noting shortages, safety and training needs
9. Maintain good company/client relationship, promote company services
10. Play a key role in the review and preparation of work contracts/tenders
11. Take proactive steps to ensure maximum uptime of project equipment
12. Manage daily, weekly, monthly transport movements to and from project
13. Re-enforce and adminiser company policies related to Project staff
14. Attend/ chair site morning safety mtg and or 1 tailgate mtg weekly
15. Complete monthly sub-contractor equipment inspection
16. Initial ersponse in case of major incidents involving company assets
17. Ability to travel on shor term notice as directed
18. Assignments as directed by company management
19. Accoutnable for company cash advance distributions
20. Provide "on the job" training/mentoring for company trainees.

All candidates should send cv and recent photograph to

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