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Senin, Februari 25, 2008

need JAVA developers for our client

Lead/Senior J2EE Developer

We are seeking a strong J2EE developer who can lead a small team on a challenging project. The goal of the project is to re-engineer a legacy toll collection system into a next generation Java architecture. The system will consist of a traditional n-tier web front-end as well as a high-performance distributed batch processing framework for background processing.

The lead developer is expected to participate in all aspects of the project life-cycle including design, prototyping, implementation, testing, deployment and production support. Beyond being a great technical candidate, the lead developer must also have strong interpersonal skills, capacity to lead junior developers and comfort in interacting with a variety of groups including business analysts, architects, system administrators, database administrators and quality assurance analysts. The lead developer will report to both the project manager and senior architect.

It is critically important to be able to independently learn and apply complex technologies and come up with solutions. It is also critically important to be a driven leader that can adapt to challenges and keep the team motivated by both listening and teaching. Code and product quality is an important factor for us so we are looking for a seasoned individual with a strong sense of professional ethics, passion for the job and pride of workmanship.


Understand systems design and architectural concerns.
Communicate with business analyst and architect to clarify requirements as needed.
Be able to translate requirements to component design and be able to communicate the design to junior developers.
Actively develop prototypes of critical system components.
Effectively delegate tasks, monitor progress and solve team problems.
Perform code reviews and developer mentoring.
Coordinate development, testing and deployment with various groups such as system administrators, database administrators, business analysts and quality assurance personnel.
Aid in testing and deployment.
Perform critical production support.
Be actively involved in hands-on development throughout the project life-span.
Write system documentation as needed.

Skills Required:

5+ years of experience with Java SE.
3+ years of experience with J2EE.
5+ experience with SQL and relational databases (Oracle mildly preferred).
1+ years of experience with JMS.
2+ years of experience with EJB 2.x, Spring framework or EJB 3. EJB 2.x stateless session beans and message driven beans (MDB) experience strongly preferred.
1+ years experience with JBoss Hibernate, BEA Kodo, Oracle TopLink or JPA.
2+ years Struts or JSF. JSF exposure highly desirable.
Full cycle development experience. It will be almost impossible for you to get up to speed in time if you just have maintenance or low-level implementation experience.

Skills Preferred:
· Experience with technical leadership roles.
· 1+ years of experience with WebSphere, WebLogic, Oracle AS or JBoss AS. WebSphere mildly preferred.
· 1+ years experience with an enterprise scheduler such as Quartz or Flux. Flux highly desirable.
· Experience with large-scale cluster deployments.
· Exposure to Actuate or JasperReports.
· Exposure to JAAS authentication and authorization using LDAP.
· Significant experience with ClearCase.

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