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Senin, Februari 25, 2008

Object Oriented Programmer @ Infoflow


Position Required: Object Oriented Programmer

Company Background:

Infoflow believes that information technology is only considered valuable when it increases organization relationship with its stakeholder and improves business agility to outperform competitors.

We envision to become a ‘Company of Architects’, only focusing on competencies that deliver higher value portion of the solutions and let the rest delivered by partners. To reach such visions, we believe that we shall nurture people with right talent and positive attitude, establish rigorous methodology, and maintain mutual beneficial relationship with partners.

Our people would like to be seen as unique and well rounded individuals that share common passion to create information technology value to our customers, where curiosity, creativity, and rigorous methodology are as important as business result. Each of the individual is keen to become a role model by working at fast pace, radiating enthusiasm, and ‘never settle’ paradigm to the rest of the team. Last but not least, open mindedness, respect to others, and possess a sense of humor are essentials. We value diversity of our people and we are an equal opportunity employer.


Reporting to Technical Leader, the programmer is expected to participate in the translation and implementation of business requirements into sound solution architecture and code, such as:

  • Design software architecture, entity relationship diagram, with ease of use and rich user interface.
  • Based on the realized architecture and class diagram, conduct coding, unit testing, and program documentation.
  • Optimize code reusability, maintainability, and security.
  • Apply software quality assurance starting from design phase throughout the project implementation life cycle.
  • Monitors, selects and investigates emerging technologies.



  • Possess inherent passion to create information technology value, where curiosity (through experimenting and reading), creativity (through applying different thinking paradigm), and executing rigorous methodology (by adopting proven software development life cycle approach), are as important as business result.
  • Strive to become a role model by working at fast pace and radiating enthusiasm and ‘never settle’ paradigm to the rest of the team.
  • Open minded, treat each other with respect, and possess a sense of humor.
  • Inspire to become company’s future leader.

Relevant Skills:

  • Strong in object oriented programming, high exposure in VB.NET or C# or Java/


  • Bachelor Degree, fresh graduate or 4th year student with ample of time to work

If you think you are up to the challenge, please do contact us through Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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