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Rabu, Februari 13, 2008

UNICEF Indonesia is seeking an experienced Multi-Media Specialist

UNICEF Indonesia is seeking an experienced Multi-Media specialist to
update the country office website content as well as produce
multi-media products as required by the office. The position offered
is as a part-time consultant with a contract duration starting from
March to December 2008, with a possible extension.

General requirements:

Have full working knowledge of English;
At least 5 years in web design, desktop publishing and video diting;
constructing and maintaining websites using various graphic applications;
Have knowledge of key industry software and applications for desktop
publishing and multi-media purposes;
Have capabilities in constructing industry-standard multi-media
applications, such as audio/visual presentations and DVD-ROMs;
Fully skilled in using IBM-based PCs and Apple computers;
Knowledge and experience in using java-based web management applications;
Having experience in using the RedDot system and working with UNICEF
or other international organization is an advantage.

Please send your application letter no later than 5 days from the date
of this advertisement to: asusanto@unicef. org

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