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Minggu, Desember 16, 2007

Quality Control Manager & Design Engineer-OGS Resources

Closing date : Thursday, December 20, 2007

OGS Resources Private Limited is a Singapore-based Global Staffing Company specializing in Recruitment, Headhunting, Contract Manpower and Consulting Services for the Oil and Gas Industry. Its Management and Human Resources team have been actively engaged for decades in the oil and gas industry. The Company has the strong technical recruitment and HR management experience and the consolidated financial position that enable it to be a fully reliable partner for both Major Clients and the industry's top Petroleum professionals.

One of its major Clients in the Middle East (Major Engineering Company) is urgently seeking competent and dedicated Design Engineers experienced in Oil and Gas Industry.

Urgently Require:

1. Quality Control Manager (QCM)

The QCM has the responsibility to ensure that all the departments within SPG at all times comply with the requirements of the QC Manual, ASME Code Sect. VIII. The QCM is responsible that all necessary and current Code Edition and Addenda's are available to all departments where required

a. Interprets inspection procedures to applicable ASME Code requirements
b. Ensures that the required Quality Control Records are available and correctly maintained
c. Prepares and issues the Quality Control Plan and determines inspection requirements
d. Has authority to stop work, if deviations from the code or from procedures as laid down in the
QC Manual so require
e. Has the responsibility for education and training of personnel in ASME Code matters
f. Cooperates with other departments to ensure that Code requirements are fulfilled

Basic Background:
a. Min. 5 years experience
b. Degree in Engineering (Process would be best)
c. Knowledge and experience of the ASME Codes
d. Experience in Welding on steel, pressure vessels or tanks

a. Basic salary: starting from $2700 tax free (max. $3500) a month
b. Family Status available
c. Housing allowance: $2000 a month
d. Mobile phone allowance: $135 a month
e. Car allowance: $545 a month
f. 1 Return Flight a year to point of origin for the whole family

2. Design Engineer (DE)
Process The DE is responsible for the design of pressure vessels built to ASME Code Section VIII Responsibilities include approval of drawings to show details of the construction of the vessel, calculations to support the design and specifications to show how these vessels are to be built to comply with the Code.

Basic Background:
a. Min 3 years experience
b. Degree in Engineering (Process would be best)
c. Knowledge of ASME Codes
d. Experience with Autocad (2004 if possible)
e. Experience in pressure vessels and tanks a plus

a. Basic Salary: starting from $1640 tax free (max. $2000)
b. Single status initially
c. Accommodation provided
d. Local transportation provided
e. 1 return flight a year back to point of origin

To apply please visit

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